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The General Purpose Sealer Used by the Professionals.

EveryDay Concrete Sealer provides a semi gloss film to protect and enhance decorative concrete, overlays, exposed aggregate, brick or other masonry. EveryDay Concrete Sealer seals and protects the substrate against dirt ingression, grime and stains, providing a good abrasive resistant finish with easy cleaning properties. The gloss level of EveryDay  Concrete Sealer can be increased by further coats. InnoCoat Anti Slip can be added to reduce slip potential.

EveryDay Concrete sealer is an acrylic based, hard wearing sealer that is able to withstand vehicular traffic making it ideal for driveways.  It is easy to apply and formulated especially for New Zealand conditions.

Penetrate Concrete Sealer penetrates and protects porous concrete and exposed aggregate.

Penetrate Concrete Sealer primes, seals and protects decorative, stamped, coloured concretes, overlays, exposed aggregate, brick and other masonry finishes. It provides a medium to high gloss finish that gives excellent protection against dirt ingression and grime. Penetrate Concrete Sealer was specifically developed to flow into pinholes on the surface of concrete and ensure high adhesive strength for further coats. Penetrate Concrete Sealer can be over coated with InnoCoat Everyday Sealer or Onnocoat High Lustre Sealer. Penetrate Concrete Sealer can also be diluted down 50/50 with Innocoat Solvent Clean to protect natural Stone and Slate surfaces.

Penetrate Concrete Sealer is the ideal foundation primer, quick drying and easy to apply.

Water just beads off while retaining that Natural Look.

Beads Off Natural Concrete Sealer provides protection from rain, infrared and UV light while remaining almost entirely invisible and without changing the appearance of the substrate. The complex siloxane properties enable it to make substrates water repellent, with water just beading off. When applied correctly Beads Off Natural Concrete Sealer will remain effective for at least 10 years on all concrete, masonry, bricks, stone and plaster, though the surface beading may diminish over time the pores and capillaries remain water repellent.

Beads off Natural Concrete Sealer is not suitable for areas where ponding occurs, on surfaces previously painted or exceptionally porous substrates.    

Protect and enhance providing a natural long lasting “wetlook”.

Wet Look Sealer gives a long lasting wetlook with superior protection, ideal for stone, brick, exposed aggregate and concrete surfaces. The unique chemical formulation reacts with the silica capillaries of the substrate providing a low film, with low slip coefficient, superior protection against soiling and stains.

StoneSeal protects and enhances your valuable stonework and rock

StoneSeal is a complex co-polymer that seals porous cement and stone surfaces without changing their natural appearance. StoneSeal is perfect for protecting against weathering and stains on stone, concrete, brick, unglazed tiles, grout, terracotta, stone, sandstone or Oamaru stone.

StoneSeal is a non-film builder so the surface remains almost unchanged while repelling water and stains.